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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Exclusive Interview with the Minister

The Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of Bosnia - Herzegovina is joining the Balkans Petroleum Summit to discuss Bosnia’s immense oil and gas potential and reveal available and future business opportunities. The summit speakers Dr. Stipo Buljan, Secretary, and Dr. Begajeta Habota Head of Geology in the Ministry are amongst the Official federal delegation that is looking forward to meeting experienced consultants, environmental scientists, and midstream specialists in the 6th Balkans Petroleum Summit.

A country with great potential and opportunities

Long-periods of oil & gas explorations in Bosnia and Herzegovina were conducted by several companies and numerous investigators on behalf of the State Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now Bosnia and Herzegovina require companies specialising on midstream for the construction of infrastructure for the transportation of oil and gas, extensive environmental studies, and last but not least, comprehensive consultation from experienced firms.

Exclusive Interview with the Minister

We spoke with the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of Bosnia - Herzegovina to answer some of the most popular questions before this year’s 6th Balkans Petroleum Summit:

  • In recent years more and more interest is drawn towards Bosnia and Herzegovina. What changes are you making to accompany the increasing interest for exploration in your country?

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has started the procedure for the

selection of an expert consultant. The deadline for the selection of the expert consultant is the fourth quarter of 2018. Currently there are activities related to the making of the study “Strategic assessment of the impact on the environment of geological explorations of oil and gas in the area of the Federation of Bosnia and


  • The Samac oil field is potentially the largest oil onshore field in Europe and international interest is very high. What is the E&P plan for the development of the field?

The plan for the development of the potential oil field “Šamac” is to announce in 2019 a tender for concession award for exploration and exploitation of oil and gas

for two blocks that territorially belong to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These are block Orašje (next to the border with Croatia) and block Tuzla (located on southern margin of the Pannonian basin towards the Ophiolite Dinarids belt).

  • In the last Balkans Petroleum you discussed the creation of a Data Room. Would you like to tell us more about it?

The Data Room is located inside the Geological Survey of Federation of Bosnia and

Herzegovina. It is not officially open yet, but it will be at the end of this year

(2018). In the Data Room you can see reports, geological maps, seismic data,

together with data on 70 wells, most of them situated in the Pannonian basin. The rules of access to the data room can be found at

  • In the 5th Balkans Petroleum Summit you talked about Prospect Evaluation in the Pannonian Basin. What kind of companies are you looking forward to meeting, to help you take advantage of the prospects and leads discovered?

Regarding the Prospect Evaluation in the Pannonian basin, we would like to

meet with companies that were exploring oil in deep Mesozoic carbonates

underline the Cenozoic sediments in the Pannonian Basin and Triassic

carbonates below Ophiolite.

  • Who would you like to meet in Balkans Petroleum?

On the next Balkans Petroleum Summit, it would be very useful to meet consultants, the

representatives of the ministries and other relevant experts that are related to the environment protection and the training of young experts.

Discover first-hand how to best enter the Petroleum Market in Bosnia and Herzegovina and make the most out of it on 24-25 October 2019, by joining the 7th Balkans Petroleum Summit, taking place in Hotel Maestral, Budva Montenegro. Register here


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